Code of Conduct

The participants at ICC meetings have a long-standing tradition of vigorous technical exchanges carried out with the utmost personal and professional respect for everyone involved. We strive to continue and to affirm this tradition and to provide a safe and memorable experience for all participants: members of our catalysis community, staff, and volunteers.

We encourage all participants to carry on this tradition and expect them to follow some simple rules of conduct. By joining the meeting, each participant agrees to:
1. Comply with all local, state, and federal laws.

2. Abide by all safety rules and obey all instructions from officials and staff in the event of an emergency.

3. Promote a safe, collegial, respectful, and inclusive environment in all interactions and activities conducted as part of the congress.

4. Refrain from any harassing, insulting, discriminating, disruptive, threatening, or demeaning behavior, whether in actions, words, or electronic and social media exchanges.

5. Respect the privacy of all participants and refrain from any unauthorized or unwelcome recording of photographs, audio, or video.

6. Silence all phones and be considerate of your neighbors in avoiding the distracting use of laptops during oral presentations.

7. Conduct all phone and personal conversations sufficiently far from all sessions and in a manner that avoids any disruptions of conference-related activities.

8. Never photograph or record any oral or poster presentation without written permission from both the presenter and the organizing committee (violators will be warned and if they do not comply will be asked to leave the session and/or the congress).

9. Never smoke in any conference venue or in any areas where smoking is forbidden.
Any actions or behavior that violate these rules of conduct will not be tolerated at the conference venue or at any offsite events. These rules extend to electronic and social media exchanges. Violators may be expelled from the conference without any rights to a refund.

If you as a participant feel that you have been subjected to any unacceptable behavior or inappropriate interactions or if you observe any such behavior or interactions among others, please promptly contact any member of the organizing committee. That person will respond without delay, working with the organizing committee to address your concerns while the committee keeps all information related to such matters confidential to the extent this is allowed by federal and state laws.